We were headed on the trip of a lifetime. Two weeks in Europe to explore Rome, Paris, Amsterdam and more. As we boarded our flight to leave the States from Charlotte, we got stopped because of ‘wear and tear’ on a passport.

PassportThe airline employee explained they could be fined if immigration deemed the passport damaged and sent a traveler back. A travel nightmare unfolded. We had to fly to a different city for a rushed passport. All told, we lost 4 days of our trip and spent $2500 to salvage the vacation. The same passport was used without issue just months before. Travel insurance didn’t help, and the airline could care less.

After finally making it to Europe, we imagined ways we could have prevented the whole situation. The idea for a hardcore passport case was born. Right after returning home, we began to explore ideas and design that lead to a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for The Passport Protector.

We’re passionate about travel. We want to make sure your passport is the last thing you worry about.