Do I really need a passport case that can withstand an attack from The Terminator?
  • Your passport is the single most important document on a trip abroad. As a traveler, you are solely responsible for having adequate identification – this means a passport in great shape.
  • As of late, airlines can be fined thousands of dollars if immigration of any country deems your passport damaged. To avoid fines, they’re cracking down on customers and covering their own risk.
  • A simple beer beverage spill, wrinkled pages, or frayed edges could put you in ‘damaged’ passport territory. Let alone losing it. It’s better to be safe than sorry when taking the trip of a lifetime.
What is considered a damaged passport?
What about travel insurance?
  • We believe in the value of travel insurance for big trips, unfortunately the majority do not cover any delays or cancellations related to passports or documentation.
What is RFID?
  • You remember that Mel Gibson movie where he can read women’s minds and it’s awful? Sorta like that. RFID theft is when someone steals the personal data from a passport or credit card by swiping it with a device from a few feet away with you ever knowing. Our material protects the RFID chip in your passport and reduces the risk of theft.
Can The Passport Protector hold other items like my neck pillow?
  • Burn the neck pillow. Never tell anyone about it.
  • The Passport Protector can hold a standard passport any other small items like cash, a ticket, and drivers’ license. It’s also wide enough to fit larger passports with extra pages or a student visa.
How is it different than the “Tourist 2000” my grandmother let me borrow?
  • tppgrandmaDid she give you the neck pillow too?! We invented The Passport Protector because we didn’t see the product we wanted in the marketplace – something sleek and modern that was also waterproof and indestructible. It’s the premier passport case that is impact resistant, water tight, RFID blocking, has convenient access, fits in a pocket and has a wrist lanyard. It’s cooler. It’s tougher. And we’re giving back via scholarships.
What if my passport gets denied?